Unlike any other online casino, Vegas To Macau offers you the chance to immerse yourself in the virtual gaming world while you play!

Virtual Items can be used in the 3D casino world to customize your avatar, design your own apartment, or travel around having a bit of extra fun when you'd like to take a break from the casino. If the 3D Casino is not your thing, then you can trade in the virtual items that you win for free spins and bonuses. Rare good luck charm items would be worth keeping though since they will increase your payouts in the long term, giving you more cash where you want it. Feel free to browse some of the current item options below and see what you have waiting for you!

To exchange your virtual items in your inventory to bonus cash you will need to Email [email protected] stating your name, email address used for your Vegas to Macau account, and a list of your virtual items to be exchanged for bonus cash. A minimun of ten(10) items can be exchanged at one time. The standard exchange rate per item is set at 100% of the items cumulative value, be sure to "like" our facebook page and keep an eye out for bonus virtual item exchange rates and offers that will show up for a limited time. With lady luck on your side you may receive up to double the value of your virtual items in bonus play for the casino!