Welcome To Live Beta

Welcome to the online casinos of Vegas to Macau, thank you for joining us during our live Beta launch! I'm sure you have a few questions as to what to expect during Beta, and what is to come so allow us to summarize for you below:


While we are still fine tuning front end functionality, the bones of Vegas to Macau are strong. So you will have the ability to create your account, play for fun or for real cash and win Virtual World Items excluseive to Beta Users. Contact our live support with any issue you have (gray tab on the left of your screen) and feel free to email us any feedback at [email protected]

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What should I expect in Beta?

During Beta we will be doing a variety of graphic adjustments to the front end of the website. Our goal is to make every page and game as easy to navigate as possible, by analyzing Beta traffic and your suggestions we will fine tune every aspect of Vegas to Macau's Virtual and Online Casinos.

Additionally we will be filtering a variety of games in and out based on popularity and functionality, and correcting any browser compatibility issues, your feedback in all regards is greatly appreciated.

So where's the Virtual World Casino?

The Virtual World Casino's are currently under construction, however you can win Virtual World items right now! As the virtual world casinos of Vegas to Macau evolve we will bring you real world venues from the other side of the world to enhance your entertainment experience to the fullest.CLICK HERE for more information on Virtual 3D Casino development.

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What Kind of Virtual Items can I win?

You can win a wide variety of sports cars, motorcycles, clothing, furnishings and even good luck charms that will increase your payouts when you play for real! The more you play the more you collect so be sure to get all of the Beta exclusive virtual casino environment items while you can! Check your inventory after you've started collecting and trade items in for free spins or save them for the launch of the 3D casino world!

You're always welcome to play for free, though you wont win any items since they hold real cash value. Once we've launched your virtual world casino experience you will also have the ability to purchase items directly through the soon to come item shop!

Virtual Item Shop