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Affiliate Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction to the Vegastomacau Casino Affiliate Agreement

This document contains the detailed Terms & Conditions for Affiliate use of the Vegastomacau Casino Affiliate Program. This agreement is written specifically to describe and regulate all aspects of the partnership with Affiliates and contains the latest terms. This agreement also replaces all previous Terms and Conditions.

NOTE: It is required for anyone who is going to use the Vegastomacau Casino Affiliate Services to read this agreement carefully.

2. Glossary

Below is a glossary of commonly used terms in the Vegastomacau Casino Affiliate Agreement.

  • Affiliate – a person involved in attracting players to the casino for the purpose of gaining profit.
  • Affiliate Code – the unique alphanumeric code generated automatically for an Affiliate in the process of registration and used in Affiliate banners and links for attracting players/subAffiliates and aimed at identification of the particular Affiliate.
  • Balance – the amount of Affiliate’s earnings at this particular moment.
  • Banner – banner resource (image, animation, etc.) with a special Affiliate code field, selected by the Affiliate from the available campaigns.
  • Vegastomacau Casino – online casino powered by SoftSwiss.
  • Vegastomacau Casino Website – the same as Vegastomacau Casino.
  • Campaign – banner resource (image, animation, etc.), created by the administrator and further offered for Affiliates’ use.
  • Chargeback – is when a Player in Vegastomacau Casino has made the reversal of previous payment. It is also can be made by a bank in case of fraudulent use of Credit/Debit Card.
  • Commission Plan – criteria, according to which the Affiliates can gain profit.
  • Invoice – the document that involves the information regarding to the Affiliate’s profit and payment of earnings to this Affiliate for a particular period. The document also shows to which payment account the payment was made.
  • Payment Account – the information submitted by the Affiliate to determine which payment system and which data will be used for processing the Affiliates’ payments.
  • Payment Period – the period of time for which the Affiliates receive their earnings. It is equal to a calendar month.
  • Payment Profile – configuration that determines particular conditions and revenues within the type of payment.
  • Player – is an individual (male or female) who a) has opened an account at Vegastomacau Casino with their proper details, and it is their first and only one account at our Casino, b) made a deposit using one of the available casino website payment methods, c) places bets in any game available at our Casino and d) does not break any Terms & Conditions by their actions.
  • Spam – mass-mailing of promotional materials to one mailing list or group. Using spam is strictly prohibited for any Affiliate of Vegastomacau Casino.
  • Sub Affiliate – an Affiliate attracted by another Affiliate of a higher level.

3. Affiliates: Rights and Obligations

3.1. Application

As soon as your application is received, it will be reviewed and we will notify you if it was accepted or rejected. The reply will be sent in a timely manner and our decision is final.

3.2. Approval

Once approved to be an Affiliate, you will receive the right to direct potential Players to the Vegastomacau Casino Website. This right will be given you as an Affiliate in accordance with the current Agreement.

3.3. Directing Potential Players

We will give you as an Affiliate access to our promotional materials, and you may use any for promoting our Casino on your Affiliate website(s). There will be a unique Affiliate Link automatically generated for you.

3.4. Players’ Data

You are agree with the statement that all data relating to the Players shall be and remain our exclusive property.

3.5. Spam

Using spam techniques is strictly prohibited. If an Affiliate is found to be sending spam to promote Vegastomacau Casino – their account will be immediately closed and all un-paid and future earnings voided.

4. General Payment Information

The Affiliate system involves two different Commission Plans:

  • CPA (Cost per Acquisition) – Available upon request;
  • Revenue Share;

Based on the Affiliate’s performance Vegastomacau Casino, at its sole discretion, may offer to the Affiliate a customized commission plan.

The Affiliate is initially offered the option of selecting only one Commission Plan: either CPA or Revenue Share.

The Commission Plan can further be changed upon agreement with the Affiliate or a combination of the both Commission plans can be used. The Commission Plan or its conditions (such as commission percentage, terms of use) CANNOT be changed without the approval of the Affiliate. All agreed changes made will be applied in the next month following the date of the agreement.

NOTE: if the Commission Plan has been changed, the calculation of the Affiliate’s earnings for the current month is made following the Commission Plan set in the current calendar month.

For each Commission Plan at the current moment the Affiliate has a special payment profile, which is represented by a table specific to each Commission Plan that defines how much money and on which conditions the Affiliate will earn.

For each Commission Plan the Affiliate receives the current statistics in the form of the reports. The stats on the expected Affiliate’s profit for the current incomplete period are not provided till the next day.

Upon finishing the Payment Period the Affiliate Manager creates Bills to settle the profit of each Affiliate for the current period. Payments are made on a monthly basis, at the beginning of the next calendar month, and not later than 10th day of every month.

In order to be able to receive affiliate payments, the Affiliate must create Player account at Vegastomacau Casino, and their earnings will be transferred to Player’s Account. Affiliates are able to withdraw their balances on any active payment account. Prior deposit in Vegastomacau Casino should be made to register payment account information. Minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts are regulated by payment terms and conditions.

Upon creating an Invoice the Affiliate Manager is entitled to perform any of the following:

  • 1)Pay out the entire sum of the Invoice;
  • 2)Mark payment as “Completed” and then notify the Affiliate that the payment has been done.

NOTE: In case of multi-currency the statistics and calculations are provided separately for each currency. The currency can be switched with the help of the currency switcher.

5. Commission Plans

5.1. Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

CPA Plan is available upon request only. If the Affiliate is interested in the CPA Commission Plan, he/she should contact his/her account manager for details.

5.2. Revenue Share

According to the Revenue Share, the Affiliate receives payment as a share of the casino profit brought by the referred players.

In this case the casino profit is calculated in the following way:

Casino Profit = Bet sum – Win Sum – Issued bonuses - Chargebacks

Affiliate Profit = Casino Profit x Percentage

The Affiliate’s profit is calculated according to the payment profile, where the default indicated percentage of the casino profit is shared with the Affiliate, depending on the profit value:

Casino Profit%
$/€1- $/€5.000 20
$/€5.001 - $/€15.000 25
$/€15.001 - $/€25.000 30
$/€25.001 - unlimited 35

NOTE: The Affiliate’s profit is calculated separately for US dollars and Euro. Casino profit in Euro and US Dollars is not summarized for defining the Affiliate’s profit percentage.

If the referred Affiliate’s players win more than bet during the payment period, casino profit for this Affiliate will be a negative value. In this case the Affiliate’s profit is deemed equal to zero.

5.3. Negative Carry Over

The Vegastomacau Casino Affiliate Program does not have a Negative Carry Over rule. If the Affiliate’s monthly earnings are less than zero (i.e. the Players won more than deposited), at the end of the month the Affiliate’s losses will be cleared and account balance set to zero.

5.4. Sub Affiliates

According to the Sub Affiliates Commission Plan, the Affiliate receives profit from the activity of his attracted sub Affiliates.

NOTE: the Affiliate receives their profit from the Casino, not from the sub Affiliate’s profit.

Payment profile involved determines the percentage, which goes to the Affiliate from his sub Affiliates of a particular level.

6. Affiliate Account Termination

This Agreement will come into force when the Affiliates application to join Vegastomacau Casino Affiliate Program is approved, and shall continue in force unless and until the Affiliate notifies us by email or in writing that he/she wishes to terminate this Agreement, in which case this Agreement will be terminated immediately, and the remaining balance on the Affiliate account (Affiliate earnings) will be paid out on payment account registered in the Affiliate’s account.

However, there are several conditions, under which Affiliate’s account could by terminated by us, including, but not limited to:

  • i) the Affiliate is involved in any type of fraudulent activity;
  • ii) the Affiliate is involved in any activity which could harm the reputation of Vegastomacau Casino and/or the Vegastomacau Casino Affiliate Program;
  • iii) the Affiliate is using SPAM to promote Vegastomacau Casino.

In all cases - the remaining balance on the Affiliate account (Affiliate earnings) will be deducted in Vegastomacau Casino’s favor, and the Affiliate will not receive any further payments for players he/she acquired for the Casino.